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Finding Freedom

Princess Peach May 29, 2013
Colored Pencils

My Dream Ramp
Mitch May 29, 2013

Jorge May 29, 2013

Set Fire to Earth
Taytuh Baby May 29, 2013
Oil Pastels, Let it Burn!

The Big Gold House
Nadios May 29, 2013
Victorian House

Got a Lighter?
Mitch May 23, 2013

Thinkin’ of You
Khanel May 23, 2013
Where have you gone? I miss you so…

Stronger Will
W.S. May 21, 2013
In the end we will find who has the stronger will power

Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once)
Sophia May 21, 2013
Enjoy life as it is and the best of it for yourself also.

Parting You from My Heart by Khanel
Khanel May 21, 2013
Goodbye...Please don't look back (mixed media art)

Dreams Come Alive
Unknown King May 16, 2013
Colored Pencil (leave fake behind when dreams come alive)

The End
Khanel May 16, 2013
After all that is said and done... The person I have become... I have to thank you...

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