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Going Home
My Fucked Up Life
Patricia Colletti Aug 17, 2006

I was born on #-23-89, in Seattle, Washington. My father is Anthony Joseph Colletti, and my mother is Linda Carole Oderio, my parents weren’t married, so I am holding both of their last names.

I moved to California when I was two. My nonnie raised me until she died.
After my nonnie died, I went and lived with my kindergarten teacher "Gladys Williams". I grew up in an all black family. I was the only white person in the family, I wasn’t treated like I should of been.

My father died when I was 6 years old. He died from Hep C and B, plus he used Heroin most of his life. About 5- 7 months after my father passed away my nonnie died from Cancer.

My nonni’s name is Dominica Thomasi. I think it’s beautiful. My parents were both Italian.

My Fucked Up Life ch 2

When I was in the first grade, I went to Rose Av. Before Christmas break, I had already been expelled for kicking the principal in the balls, biting my teachers, and fighting older children.

At the age of 7 my mom told me she was going to Nevada, and never wanted to see me again if I wouldn’t go live with her. But I couldn’t because she had given me up, so I couldn’t go. The next weekend I went over for my visit, but they said she had packed up and left a couple of days earlier. Anyway I didn’t hear from my mom for 7 stinkin years, until I went out and found her, myself.

Mrs.Williams "teacher", took my nonnie and I in to live with her when I was in kindergarten. My nonnie and Mrs.Williams became best of friends, but I hated her with a passion.

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photo of Patricia (on right) with friend

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